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Sound quality evaluation Know


A stage performance of the sound field 

Sound field of space and speaker placement is crucial: high three-dimensional sound field, width, depth extends to the wall, the height, width and depth of the formation of a concave or relatively flat or square or rectangular or oval shape after lordosis , that is, the shape of the overall sense of space around the sound field vertically and horizontally extending this sound field shape is the sense of space variety of different shapes, the best sense of space titanium sound film is filled the entire listening room, easy and transparent in all directions huge sense of boundless sound field sense of space, and even penetrate the walls around a sense of performance, basically, apart from good equipment, but also have the appropriate space than the size of the space is too small to be more difficult to reach a perfect sense of space. 

Levels and a sense of sound field positioning instruments and the human voice, as well as the level refers to the three-dimensional sound field or shades among the musical instruments and other sound body changes close or far, positioning sense refers to the three-dimensional sound field sounding body around and up and down position. There is a sense of three-dimensional shape and positioning feeling good level, a variety of instruments and vocals, etc., if the sound system equipment is not good enough or bad speaker placement is not heard physical sense, especially in deep-level physical sense. The overall sound field should be formed in the left and right speakers behind the stage, should sound forward is not right, particularly when feeling chest pounding bass performance pediment, sometimes thought it was great fun to feel the force of the volume, but such a long time will listen uncomfortable, is not correct performance. 

Second, the density and sound sense of weight 

Within the overall shape of the sound field density and sound sense of weight, density and the amount of detail and sound sense of weight and stability of the sound field related to the sound of the sound field and high stability, strong sense of weight, but also the instruments accurate positioning, physical sense not drift performance . High-density voice is in the details and more musicality substantial performance, high density surrounded by a sense of the ears or body or embrace a sense of feeling better, there immersive experience the feeling. 

Third, transparency and clarity of sound 

Background clean itself and the degree sound field and tone of transparency related to meter measurement and comparison in terms of the degree of S + N / N about. Good clarity, good sense of space, clarity necessarily good, sound mixing, sound barrier paste, such as fog or deceive the yarn, the sound field must be relatively flat no depth, audiovisual paste into a ball even larger, common bass sound film of titanium mast is one example, or that bass paste into a ball, too, someone thought it was a deep and powerful low frequencies and since hi this is actually wrong, listen to live music will be informed when a comparable right. 

Clarity and treble the amount of flu more often partial light phenomenon confused, alt bright side, the high side, reducing the proportion of the overall low frequency, unnatural sense of hearing, if the same lips and teeth will sound more harsh uncomfortable. Low-frequency clarity difficult to do, can be identified from a large degree of identification Gupi rhyme or microseismic Double Bass strings. 

Fourth, low high school band balance 

Sounds high, medium and low-band equalizer to sweet, too bright (high-frequency too) especially labiodental more than one uncomfortable, too dark (high-frequency too) is not vivid, low-frequency expansion (too) will be covered by the theme , and lack of low frequency would seem less footwall things, the lack of integrity, or IF taichong thick enough, they lack a sense of Wenrun Feng thick, sweet, and become dry. 

Fifth, the sound of beauty 

Requires not only pleasing to the ear, but also infect all the music to convey emotion, or inspiring poetic submissive or surging heroic feelings, but the sound quality is not the United States produces raw, cold, hard, thin, thin feeling. 

Six, the sound of resolving power and details 

Analytical ability, it may be more detail, the general sound system with low frequency resolution of the most difficult to do, in order to hear the details of multi-chord string of dense microseismic rub (or pine scent) and piano instant hit mallet percussion wood flavor , and then rhyme extension and steel strings and piano chamber, piano resonance reflector plate, and if the human voice faint breath of emotional expression, low frequency, such as drum skin was hammered moment when the tension and extension rhyme and so on. 

Seven, cohesion and a sense of sound body 

Cohesion and form a sense of sound refers to the focus is good, do not faint ghost of the instrument or mouth shape or cohesion of drums, and the size of the proportion of the human voice and instruments, this one and phase distortion and speaker equipment spread angle and speed of response related to the relationship between the speaker to adjust toe-in angle is also great, not delicate system dizzy, body is too large, out of proportion, a sense of cohesiveness and body is not good, the music scene is not formed or forming incomplete, unable to meet the huge natural stage effects. 

Eight, there is a lively sense of vitality 

Playing (singing) voice track is dynamic comparative strength of size, performance is the direct sense of the degree of dynamic live sound, dynamic and titanium sound film recording scene is as big as a lively sense of vitality, dynamic after being compressed sound will not become boring vivid, the reaction rate of the general speed of sound, have a relationship with a single speaker and amplifier, if the lack of detail and dynamic, the sound will become plain boring, then the sound lacking depth, less hierarchical, weak contrast, vivid sound performance is not very flat only as background music does not really like to listen to enjoying dynamic big, detail and more natural sound sweet, is to have a lively sense of vitality in order to convey the musical "sound action" true feelings.

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